Top 10 Service Improvements for Businesses from the CRA

The CRA’s 2017-2019 Serving You Better action plan contains over 50 action items that will improve services for small and medium businesses. Here are the top ten service improvements for businesses. They will allow businesses to do the following:

  1. receive a CRA security code by email
  2. call a new dedicated telephone service for tax preparers that helps with more complex technical issues
  3. request a Liaison Officer visit
  4. provide T4 information slips to their employees in electronic format (certain conditions apply)
  5. use T2 Auto-fill through commercial software
  6. create their own filing and balance confirmation letters online
  7. view short “how-to” videos that explain the services on My Business Account
  8. experience telephone service improvements from CRA
  9. share feedback about their audit experience in a new post-audit survey
  10. have their objections resolved faster

To find out more about the CRA’s action plans to serve small and medium businesses, go to .


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